Find an Estate Planning Attorney in Coventry, RI

Find an Estate Planning Attorney in Coventry, RI

Carden Law Group can help you with wills and trusts

You can draft a will at any age, but it’s recommended that you create a will prior to getting married or having children. If you don’t have a valid will in place, you could subject yourself or your family to complicated legal issues down the road. Contact Carden Law Group, LLC for a variety of legal services, including:

  • Estate planning
  • Wills and trusts
  • Powers of attorney

Our will package also includes power of attorney. We’ll consult with you and your family during the estate planning process as necessary. Make sure you establish a will before it’s too late. Reach out to your estate planning attorney in Coventry, RI today to get started.

Do you need to update your will?

Your living situation is constantly evolving, and your will should be updated accordingly. You will likely need to make changes to its provisions as you grow older. Your estate planning attorney can help you make the necessary changes at any time. Call now to schedule your free consultation.